Success Stories from Members of – for Singles with Hepatitis C

Here are a few Testimonial Letters received from members of throughout the years that I hope will encourage and give hope to others that it is possible to be single and find love while living with Hepatitis C. 


I received this email from a female member back in 2005…

“I met a wonderful man on your site.  I went thru 1 year of Pegasus, responded and then relapsed and I am just trying to stay healthy.  He so far has no damage to his liver.

Well he is moving down here to California next month from Oregon and we will be married on August 2.  I have been single for 20 years and am going on 56. We have visited each other and are truly the perfect match.

Had it not been for your site I would still be living a very reclusive life.”

And this from another member…

“Thanks to your web site I have found the love of my life.  We have been dating since first of Oct. 2007 and have so much in common. Even though my liver has not been affected by Hep C, knowing you have it was hard but what makes it easier was having someone who understood how hard it was. Thank you Lord for sending him to me!”

This email really touched my heart…

“John and I met last year on this website on August 25, 2007.  Well to make a long story, we fell in love, met, and I moved in with him right away.  We were very happy and peaceful, and all was as it should be.  Until, July 25 of this year John and I found out he had primary liver cancer induced by Hep-C. John died on Sept. 8 2008.  For one year we were so very happy and it was because of this website.  Thank you very much.”




Robin DeLuca, the Original Cyber-Dating Guru is the one and only “Original” Online Dating Guru. Since 1998 she has received over 5,000 email responses to her online personal ads and has helped thousands to find Love and Romance. Learn if you are “Telephonically Compatible” and How to do a “Drive-By” on your first date as well as many more invaluable Online Dating Tips. By sharing her expertise and own experiences throughout the years you will find this book invaluable as well as highly entertaining. Robin walks you through the entire process of online dating to help you avoid some of the pitfalls she encountered when first starting out. Online Dating is the proven, successful and chosen way today for people to meet their “Match” or “Soul Mate” and with Robin’s assistance, it will be nothing but safe, fun and successful! There are many other helpful  “extras” you will find in this book including an extensive list of Advanced Emoticons and Acronyms as well as a handy chart to help you decipher through both Men and Women’s Online Personal Ads. Read from many of the emails some of the men have written throughout the year, many of them very amusing and often times, simply hilarious! Robin is also the creator and owner of several Online Dating Websites including and She also has one devoted to Sober Gay Adults in Recovery called and one for single adults living with Hepatitis C called Robin DeLuca, The #1 Online Dating Guru since 1998.

Members in 12 Step Programs traveling in the U.S. or abroad is also a great way to connect with people across the country and around the world.

If you ever find yourself making plans to travel you can email and contact other members in Recovery before you leave for your destination.  In doing so you will have the opportunity to find out where some of the better meetings are in the area and set up your meetings in advance  You can also find out about places of interest that the locals visit so you can see the area as an insider, rather than as a tourist.

It is wonderful to have friends in far-off places and maybe you will have your own personal escort when you arrive at your destination of choice.  Who knows what it could progress to?  And since we are looking at this as friendships (rather than love connections – but who knows what it can turn into?), I also suggest that women contact women and men contact men.

Remember, the AA fellowship and all 12 Step Programs are like families and most members will welcome you with open arms.  Connect with Sober People across the world who live in foreign countries you might be lucky enough to visit someday.  It is really wonderful to have friends in far-off places who can act as your own personal escort when you arrive at your destination.  Set up your 12 Step Meetings in advance and find out about all the best local spots to visit and don’t forget about the “Meeting after the meeting” at local coffee shops that often occur after the closure of an AA or other 12 Step Meeting.

Bon Voyage!

Membership Status Update – Over 50,000 members!

I am excited to share that we now have over 50,000 members at our dating sites (including our site at for singles living with Hepatitis C.)  We continue to be very successful in bringing those in 12 Step Programs of Recovery together. However it is not necessary for you to be in a 12 Step Program to join us.  If you are living a Sober Lifestyle, are Single and would like to meet others of same, join us for FREE today.

If you know of anyone who is Single and living Sober and would like to find Love, Friendship or Support, do them a favor and share the news of

The “Original” Cyber-Dating Guru’s Bio (extended version)

Here is an excerpt from my “Bio” which you will find I have dedicated a page to here at this blog.  Please go to that page or click here for the extended version.

At Dakota's 26 Birthday Party, January, 2012
At Dakota’s 26 Birthday Party, January, 2012

Updated November 10, 2013

I have held many occupations and still hold on to the title of some. One of them is that I am a writer. I have taken this opportunity to write and post my bio here, which is still a work in progress, as am I.

Let me first start for now by saying that I am a single, sober, proud mother of one 27 y.o. son, Dakota, and three “babies” of the canine persuasion, Roxie, Cali and Buddy.

I am also the creator, owner and operator of 4 online dating websites devoted to singles in 12 Step Programs of Recovery and one for singles living with Hepatitis C:

In 2003, I wrote a book called, THE CYBER-DATING GURU’S GUIDE TO ONLINE DATING and as of November 2013, just completed the 2nd Edition, THE “ORIGINAL” CYBER-DATING GURU’S GUIDE TO ONLINE DATING.

 Here is a short bio and description that appears on my blog, 

Robin DeLuca is “The Original CyberDating Guru”, the #1 “Original” Online Dating Guru. Since 1998, she has received over 5,000 emails to her online personal ads and has helped thousands to find Love and Romance. Learn if you are “Telephonically Compatible” and “How to do a Drive-By on your first date” as well as many more invaluable Online Dating Tips. Visit her Dating Sites for Singles in all 12-Step Programs of Recovery seeking Love, Friends and more.

Following is the extended version of my story.  If you care to read on, buckle up…

I’m originally from New York, where l lived and worked in New York City for many years however my most recent years in New York were in Long Beach, Long Island, where I raised Dakota from the ages of two through eighteen, until he went off to college and me off to Florida.

In 2004, I moved to (and still live in) Sebastian, Florida. As you’re entering into town the sign says “Welcome to the City of Sebastian. Home of friendly people and one old Grouch.” In my opinion referring to Sebastian as a “City” is a little extreme.  Sebastian is an old surfing and fishing village and it is very rural and beautiful. You can watch dolphin swim and jump in the Indian River (known as The Intracoastal in other areas of Florida) and cranes crossing the roads along with the almost extinct, Gopher Turtle. I do often get homesick for New York and miss the New York state of mind and a more metropolitan lifestyle every so often, which is why I try to get back up there a few times a year. And, I do a bit of traveling elsewhere, whenever the opportunity allows.

My life today is very low key and I fly under the radar mostly. It’s very different from how I lived for the majority of my life.

I’ve checked a lot of things off my “Bucket List”, to name a few…I did the parachute jump and even got to ride in a few Ultra-Lites as well as a Glider plane over the North Shore of Oahu (that was amazing!). And, I got my motorcycle license and rode for a couple of years. Another item I will soon be checking off my Bucket List is a Safari to Africa I am taking with my mother in August of 2014.  A cruise to Alaska and trip to Thailand would be nice and oh yes, there’s that retiring to Costa Rica thing I want to do.

I have been fortunate to do a bit of traveling across the world but there are still so many places I would like to travel to. Right out of High School at the age of 17, I went to Managua, Nicaragua and stayed with the family of some classmates from high school. My parents had to sign a letter of emancipation letting the government know I was a “free agent” in order for me to spread my wings and fly. I stayed there for about a month. It was a year after a major earthquake and only moments before the revolution. It was a crazy time and quite an experience. One of my most memorable experiences was a week I spent on a beach called, “San Juan del Sur” for the Easter Holiday they call “Semana Santa”. San Juan del Sur is now a famous surfing location with surf camps set up throughout the area. Dakota (an avid surfer) just visited there recently.

As an adult I’ve traveled twice to Italy, once to the South of France (Nice and Monaco) and as a child my Dad took the family to Greece (to Hydra and Athens) and Italy (Rome and Sardinia.) When I went to Italy in the late 90’s, I had been working for a Freight Forwarding Company in Long Island called Bruzzone-Ovaire, who paid for my trip. This company arranged for me to stay in the homes of various clients of theirs and their families. I stayed in the home of the Minister of Tourism and his family and extended family in Santa Margherita, Italy. The home was amazing, filled with millions of dollars of French and Italian antiques, which would blow away anything you’ve ever seen in any museum.

When I was in the city of Genoa I stayed in the home of a very prominent attorney and his family who treated me like royalty. When you visit a foreign place I highly suggest trying to work it out that you stay with people who live in the area as you get to see the area from an insider’s point of view and not as a tourist. I ate the most delicious authentic Italian food at the best local family-owned restaurants, referred to in Italy as “Trattorias”, and dined with the warmest people who lived and loved life to the fullest with lots of red wine, lemon liquors and champagne. I also visited Rome, Pisa, Florence and Venice. The trip was supposed to be business but it was pleasure all the way as any trip to Italy should be. The freight forwarding company paid for me to study Italian at the school of Berlitz for three months prior to my departure. This helped to make the trip that much more enjoyable in that I was able to converse with the locals in their native tongue and it encouraged me to get out and wander about on my own through the streets and local shops.

I’ve traveled to Hawaii three times. The first time I went with a bunch of people from AA for a convention. Truthfully, I spent more time checking out Oahu and its beaches than the convention.  I did go a few mornings to a meeting on the beach called the Twelve Coconuts, named because the meeting is held at an area of the beach where there are twelve large coconut trees grouped closely together. I also went with a couple of the girls to Maui for a few days. We did a trip called The Road to Hanna which was amazing. I highly suggest you do this excursion if you ever visit Maui. (Google it and you will understand better why you should.)

The second time I visited Hawaii I met up with a guy friend from Long Beach who was staying in the home of a famous surfer, Perry Dane and his family in Oahu. I stayed with them for about a week and then went off to Kauai by myself for a few days where I stayed in a bed and breakfast in a building that was an old Buddhist Mission House.  The scent of the incense, Nag Champa (which I love) was everywhere as it was infused into the wood structure of the home (floors, walls, ceilings) from so many years of the Monks burning that particular incense.

The third time I went to Hawaii, I went to Kauai with a man by the name of Virgil I met from who lived in San Antonio, Texas and who I had a casual long-distance relationship with. He was the General Manager of a large radio show in San Antonio and a great guy! He very generously paid for my trip but it was a win-win for him too because I already knew the area and was a bit of a tour guide of sorts, for much of the trip. One day we were driving along the coast and I could see from the car some large sea turtles in the ocean. I had him pull over and I went running into the ocean so I could get in the sea and swim along with them. There were about five or six. It was awesome.

I’ve been to Mexico twice. The first time I stayed with someone I met online from one of my dating sites who had a home there in Cabo San Lucas. He had it custom built on the beach; it was beautiful. Too bad that didn’t work out for reasons I won’t go into details but suffice it to say it turns out he was a bit of a racist and that’s plenty of a reason in itself.

The second time to Mexico I went to Club Med in Cancun with my Mom for a trip sponsored by

I also visited the Caribbean twice via two Cruises on the Ship “Oasis” with my Mom (her treat). Mom and I make great travel partners and I love that we have been able to do these trips together and create such memorable moments. I have a DVD of the two of us swimming with the dolphins in Mexico and we also went helmet trekking in St. Maarten together. We both had a blast doing these excursions and besides the DVD of swimming with the dolphins I have lots of great photos of these mother-daughter times together.

Most recently I visited Costa Rica twice for dental work I needed to get done. In case you didn’t know, “everybody’s doing it” these days – the prices are so much lower to get work done and they have many highly qualified doctors and dentists to choose from. Also there are several “Recovery Villas” and places to stay. For $100/day you can get yourself a private villa or cabin with 3 full meals, transportation back and forth to your Doctor and medical assistance if necessary. Although my first visit was all about getting the Dental work done, my second visit I was able to get a little touring in as well and got to see how very beautiful the Country is. I visited a coffee plantation, live volcano, waterfalls and butterfly farm all within one day on a 14 hour excursion. I used to think I would like to live my final years out in Hawaii but after visiting Costa Rica I realized it is a more practical choice as it is only a three hour plane-ride from Florida to Costa Rica for only $350.00, which is about the same amount of time and money it takes me to get to New York from Florida. The cost of living is also cheaper than Hawaii and I love the Costa Rican people. Also, for some reason I just love the idea of living in a third world country.

I’ve probably had about two dozen occupations in my lifetime and have worked easily for over 50 different companies or employers. Following are just a “few” that come to mind (starting as a young child). I was always looking for ways to make money.

– I started babysitting at a very early age and was highly sought after so I made a lot of money for a young kid back then. I don’t remember how much an hour – it could have been .50 cents. It was in the late 60’s and .50 cents went a long way back then.

– At about the age of nine I got a paper-route to deliver the local “Newsday” on Long Island, which I did so with my little red wagon, door to door. Back then, only boys were allowed to have paper routes so I had to wait until my brother got lazy and not want to do his any longer (which didn’t take long), and so I delivered papers under his name.

– As soon as I got my working papers, while still in High School I had several small jobs but the best and the worst was scooping ice-cream at Baskin n Robbins. That frozen ice-cream was so hard to scoop but there’s nothing like Baskin n Robbins “Pralines n Cream” or “Nutty Coconut”. And I was for sure the most popular of all my friends and family.

– I was a Gift Wrapper in a card and party store in the Sunrise Mall in Massapequa called LuAnn’s. They used to serve beer in the mall at that time and the guy who managed the place never left his office in the back and used to send us out to bring him back beer throughout our shifts. We had these little uniforms with very short skirts and little caps on our head. That guy must have been in pervert heaven although he was really more interested in his beer than anything else. The fallout from working at LuAnn’s was that was, for years after (until I moved from home) I became the official present wrapper in our home for everybody at every holiday. Christmas was a nightmare. But, I must admit I was very good at it and quite proud of the outcome of my efforts. We definitely had the most beautifully wrapped Christmas presents under our tree and it made for nice holiday photos.

– For a good majority of my working years I was employed as a Secretary, Executive Secretary, Legal Secretary, Administrative Assistant, Office Manager. Whatever title you give it, the fact is I was great at it! I typed over 100 wpm and too shorthand at over 120 wpm. Working in that capacity enabled me to move and travel anywhere, which I did often, starting at age 17 when I graduated a year early from High School. But, mostly my travels in the U.S. were within New York and Florida. There was also one year in California where I worked at a variety of occupations within that very brief time period. Often I worked as a “Temp” (temporary secretary). Some of the jobs the temporary agencies sent me to were only for a few days, some a few weeks and some, a few weeks that ended up turning into a few years. And it got me some interesting well-paying jobs with great benefits. Some of these jobs were within the entertainment industry, i.e. CBS Records in Los Angeles and the Screen Actors Guild in New York, to name a few.

– My first Secretarial job right out of high-school was at a Realty office called SCAM Realty on Sunrise Highway in West Babylon, NY. That is not a joke, although clearly it was for the guys who named and opened the business. Richie Capri and Lou Roma. But what comes to my mind now is, “What were my parents thinking?” I mean I was still living at home at the time but how come nobody ever thought to question that name? (Including myself, I now realize.) SCAM REALTY? Why SCAM Realty? I don’t think that word “scam” was used a whole lot back then. Richie went on many years later to open up a very large and successful Gentleman’s Club & Billiards Hall in Suffolk County, NY. Lou was very laid back and quite. He looked just like Humphrey Bogart. I don’t know what happened to him but he was a cool dude. The following occupations, dates and times are convoluted and sometimes I worked them simultaneously (two jobs at a time and sometimes three.)

– I studied Professional Career Photography at age 25 at the Centre for Media Arts in Manhattan and did that for about a year and a half but was unfortunately not focused enough at that time to devote myself to what it took to be really great at this. (That is one of my biggest regrets.)

– When I moved to California at the age of 22, I sold cars at a dealership called Frank Sanders Oldsmobile on La Brea in Los Angeles. That worked out really well because when I drove across country with my Girlfriend, Melaina from New York to California in 1979, we transported some stranger’s vehicle and had to turn it over when we got to California, which left us with no car. When I started selling cars they gave me a free demo to drive around in so that was convenience with a capital “C”.

– I did a bit of waitressing here and there. One of the more memorable was at an old Restaurant/Pub on the Upper East Side of Manhattan called Gleason’s Tavern on York. They made the best Spinach Salads ever! With mandarin oranges and warm bacon dressing. Killer! And they served warm pecan pie with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream on top. The bad thing about that place was it had a roach infestation problem (as was a similar situation in many New York City Restaurants at the time, scary to say). At the end of the night if I decided I wanted to cut myself a piece of that pecan pie, I had to stick my hand through the doorway of the unlit kitchen, feel for the light switch on the wall, turn it on and wait a few moments before entering the room so all the cockroaches could run away before I could see them. If I didn’t see them, they weren’t there.

– In 1985 I became a mother. We lived in Tudor City in Manhattan when Dakota was first born. He was born December 31, 1985 at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital. (I think it’s pretty cool to be able to say “I was born in New York City” and on New Year’s Eve, so good for Dakota!) I wasn’t sure exactly how this single mother thing was going to play out but then everything falls into place like it’s supposed to. After one month of being home with the baby, the President of the Advertising Agency I used to work for called me and told me he was opening a small television production company based out of an apartment in a brownstone building, mid-town, East-side Manhattan. He asked me to please come back to work for him and that I should bring Dakota with me. It worked out great as it had all the comforts of home as it was a home only cooler – a brownstone. I worked there until Dakota was nine months old and just starting to get into everything.

– Towards the end of Dakota turning nine months old, We moved to Jackson Heights, Queens, to a larger, two bedroom apartment and I opened my own Day Care Facility where I watched anywhere from two to six babies and children a day and who knows how many diapers I changed? (Was that really me? Did I really do that?) Well, I did what I had to do to stay with Dakota for as long as I could to not have to miss out on any monumental moments in his life (naturally crawling and walking to name a few).

– When Dakota was about a year and a half, I put him in day-care and went back out into the business world. I started selling advertising in local Penny Savers and in Business-to-Business yellow page directories for a number of years.  Selling advertising in local Penny Savers can be quite lucrative by the way, especially if given the right designated location – unfortunately the ones I ended up with – not so much.

– At one point I did get my Real Estate License but then decided it wasn’t for me.  A few years later I sold mortgages as a side job, while working at a full time office job in the Garment Center.

I commuted to NYC from Long Beach for five years while working at my job in the Garment Center.  It was the longest I stayed at any of my jobs held, aside from the job of being a Mother but that was why I stayed that long, because I was a Mother and needed the stability for my son. Towards the end of that five-year run my boss, who wasn’t always the most pleasant person to work for, had issues that continued to get worse and it was time for me to go.

– In my mid to late 30’s I spent about three years bartending at various types of establishments in Long Island. Beat up bars that played Classic Rock and cover-band music, fancy nightclubs and, “gentleman’s” clubs. Some were very fancy, some not so much. I was never a dancer (not that there’s anything wrong with that); it just wasn’t my thing, although the money those girls made sure paid well. I met some really interesting people in those establishments and I had my own following as a bartender, which was nice and helped with the tips.

– I became a certified Trainer with ACE (American Association for Exercise) and did some of that for about a year. Mostly I became trained so that I would learn how to train myself and not to have to pay someone else $60/hour.

In 1998 became the only person I knew who started online dating. Everybody I mentioned it to said I was “crazy and going to get killed”. Within a few months I had thousands of responses to my online dating personals. (What can I say, I am photogenic and I used to sell advertising so I knew how to write a great “ad”.) I saved and printed out a large number of the responses I received and ultimately included them in an eBook I wrote in 2003 and just completed re-writing called, THE ORIGINAL CYBER-DATING GURU’S GUIDE TO ONLINE DATINGS.  So that is when my career as a writer first took off.

Being a writer ultimately transformed me into owning the title of “Author” after I sold a few copies of my book. For those who don’t know, the difference between being a writer and an author is that anyone can be a writer but you can only grant yourself the title of “Author” if anyone actually purchases anything you’ve. I am happy to say that I have sold copies of my book – both as an eBook and a printed version my local bookstore in Long Beach, N.Y. sold. But not enough to get rich as I would have liked.  I have high hopes for the 2nd Edition of my book.  It is selling on for Kindle and will be selling on my 4 websites and via Facebok and Twitter.

In 2002 I became diagnosed with Hepatitis C and the reason I mention this now is it brings me to my next occupation as Online Dating Website creator, owner and operator. My first dating site was I most likely contracted Hepatitis C In 1985 when giving birth to Dakota. It was a difficult childbirth and I lost a lot of blood and was given two blood transfusions. Blood wasn’t getting tested back then until 1989 and now the CDC (Center for Disease Control) believes that about 1 in 4 baby boomers may have Hepatitis C because of that. The CDC is now starting to urge people who are of Baby Boomer status to get tested. Just an FYI, Hepatitis C is known to be called the “Silent Killer” because most people don’t know they have it until it is too late. The body doesn’t normally start to show signs until one is already in Cirrhosis. So after being diagnosed with Hepatitis C I thought, now what? And then came to realize that the world needed a dating website for Singles with Hepatitis C to meet others with same. Even though Hepatitis C is not considered a sexually transmitted disease (it is passed on strictly through blood to blood contact) there is often a stigma attached to it and so that is when was born.

Move five years later and trying to get (and stay) sober, I realized the world also needed a place where sober singles could meet other sober singles outside of their own meetings and home groups, that would help to keep their own home group safe and free from the frequent drama that often accompanies dating. Hence, was born. is a dating site for sober singles in all 12 Step Programs of Recovery.

Not long after, I realized that Sober Gay Singles need love too, so I created

And lastly there is – geared more towards Singles in Recovery with at least one year’s recovery time.

Between my 4 sites (as of January, 2013) I now have over 20,000 members – although the majority are from The sites are all free to join and post profiles. The only time there is a fee involved is if a member decides they would like to initiate contact with another member. The fees are kept extremely low, due to the nature of the sites. I love the idea of helping bring people together who live with common illnesses or addictions. Love is a tough one. When you start throwing disease and addiction into the mix….well enough said.

I’ve got a blog at which I’ve been remiss at blogging at but you will find some pretty funny & useful tips there about online dating, mostly excerpts right out of my book.

In the meantime you can purchase and download THE ORIGINAL CYBER-DATING GURU’S GUIDE TO ONLINE DATING AT:

Follow me at

SIDE NOTE Soon after being diagnosed with Hepatitis C (approx. 10 years ago), I went on the “Dual Treatment”, Pegasus and Interferon where I had to give myself weekly injections and take daily pills. As it turns out, I have Genotype 1A, which is the most difficult genotype to treat. I was a non-responder to the treatment but my doctor kept me on the treatment for a year. During that time, I had to stop taking the pills. I was getting too sick from the side effects (fatigue, migraines, hair-loss, etc.). I was starting to appear zombie-like. The treatment is chemotherapy, but smaller doses over a longer period of time rather than how other cancers or illnesses might get treated with higher doses over a shorter period of time. In any case, it was rough.

In November of 2012, after having some tests taken, I was told my “viral load” (that’s how much of the virus is in my body) had almost doubled in the past three years when it was pretty much the same until up to about three years ago.  However I am staying on top of this and I continue to have a sonogram and blood work done every six months and so far, so good.

ALSO, somewhere in the midst of all this confusion, I was diagnosed as Bi-Polar, for which I am now heavily medicated.  <smiling>

To be continued…. – over 25,000 Members and growing strongly!

UPDATE!  As of April 13, 2012, we now have over 25,000 members at and we continue to grow strongly.  We are the leading site for Sober Dating where members can search for other members within their own 12 Step Program of Recovery.  We have been very successful in bringing single sober adults together in ALL 12 Step Programs and look forward to continued “Success Stories”.  Join us today and become one of them.

Whatever 12 Step Program of Recovery you are in, Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), Narcotics Anonymous (NA) or any other 12 Step Group, you will find other sober singles just as yourself.

Announcing – The Exclusive Online Dating Site Members in Recovery with Over One Year’s Recovery Time


Love in Recovery is the Exciting, New Recovery Dating Website that offers Friendship, Support, Love and Hope that “The Promises” are coming true for us! Like no other Recovery Dating Website, LoveInRecovery is designed for Mature, Sober, Single Adults (suggest 30 years and older) who are secure in their Sobriety, have Celebrated One Year’s (+) Recovery Time and are living in and Practicing the Principles of 12 Step Programs.

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Are You “Telephonically Compatible”

Before spending endless hour’s texting and emailing back and forth with a prospective “Love Connection”, after exchanging a few emails, the Dating Guru suggests getting to the next step – the phone-call!   Before you can know if there is any sexual chemistry that one can only tell when you meet in person (at your first “Drive-by”), you need to know if you are “Telephonically Compatible” and if there is any Phone Chemistry?   

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How to find the Perfect Online Dating Site for You

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Introducing 12 Step Match – Dating for Singles in Recovery

12StepMatch  is a Dating Site devoted to Single Adults living in, and practicing the Principles of 12 Step Groups of Recovery, with over 50 such 12 Step Groups in existence, worldwide.

12StepMatch  is a much-needed resource for single adults living in 12 Step Programs of Recovery, i.e. AA, NA, GA, OE.  12 Step Match helps its members to find love and romance but another important aspect of the site is that its members help one another in offering Friendship and Support in this Global Community.  

People living in recovery often seek out others also in recovery who understand about the struggles of addiction and what life in recovery can bring.  12 Step Programs are widely known for the “Brothership” their members become a part of when joining a 12 Step Program.  This is vital because the chances of staying sober are less than 10% for Alcoholics and Addicts (whether it be drinking, drugs, gambling, eating, working, etc.) who have less than one year’s sobriety. 

It is generally suggested by various 12 Step Groups of Recovery for its members to refrain from dating within the first year of recovery so that they can focus on just that, their recovery.  This is where the support and friendship that the site offers is very valuable. However, after a member has celebrated their One Year “Anniversary” (where they have abstained from drinking and drugs for a one year period) Continue reading Introducing 12 Step Match – Dating for Singles in Recovery